. Lane Fenwood - [Tristan]

An eladrin bard of some repute.


Lane is tall and thin with skin once fair but now tanned from miles on the road. He bears the blue eyes and fair hair characteristic to his race but keeps his hair short and mostly hidden beneath his favorite wide brimmed hat, (one that he is rarely seen without!). Lane dresses practically in a warm travelers cloak and good solid walking boots. The longsword at his side is Lydian, a bard’s songblade named for his favorite mode. Lane carries no instrument but his voice, however put a lute or harp in his hand and he will make it sing.

Lane’s moods tend to be positive and upbeat. He is a man of culture and humanity with a great love for people. Food, drink, and music are among his greatest passions. When Lane enters a town of village he is often known and welcomed as an honored guest. If he is not known, then he does his best to leave a good impression. Lane sees every interaction, every visit or chance meeting, as a means to strengthen his connection to the world and its peoples.

Because of his passion for culture, Lane is a valiant defender of humanity. When danger threatens his fellow man or woman, his quick blade and even quicker wit leap to their defense. The need to defend himself is common enough on the road that his skill as a warrior has grown to nearly match his skill as a musician. Nearly, but not quite.


. Lane Fenwood - [Tristan]

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