. Aldric Brandt - [Ryan]

Indebted to Kord and a devout worshipper, Aldric is employed as an assassin serving under Bron


Aldric’s official character sheet PDF can be viewed here.


Aldric keeps his personal life and his past secret from everyone. He was born into a poor, unsettled family in Dracken roughly 300 years ago. His father was an alcoholic and incompetent, while his mother had a short temper and was devoted to Kord. Aldric also had an older brother, Lukas, who grew up strong, charismatic, and cruel.

Lukas joined a local band of mercenaries at 14, and fought in the name of Kord, though he refused to offer prayer or homage to any God. For him, Kord was a vehicle to earn the respect and praise of those who fought with him. Within 6 years, he rose through the ranks and commanded a formidable military company known as the Black Swords.

However, Lukas despised his family heritage, and would one day kill his father in a drunken rage. When his mother started beating him hysterically, he slit her throat and set their hut on fire. Lukas stormed off, leaving Aldric to burn.

Aldric, who was 15 at the time, managed to escape the building, and swore vengeance on his brother. He prayed for hours every day for a chance to exact his revenge. He promised an eternity of servitude to Kord so long as he was delivered an opportunity to murder his brother. After searching for his brother for 4 years, Aldric finally found the Black Swords war camp. He spent 4 hours in meditation, asking for Kord’s guidance, and, on a moonless night, he stalked into his brother’s camp. The sky was black, and Aldric did not possess a light, but he managed to pick out his brother’s unmarked tent, as if guided by divine intervention.

Aldric eluded the numerous guards posted throughout the camp, and murdered Lukas’s personal guard without making a sound. He found his brother drunk and asleep with two whores in bed. Rage overtook Aldric, and he massacred all three of them. Despite the screaming and the ensuing shuffle, Aldric managed to escape the camp undetected. His prayer had been answered, and his life has since been forfeited to Kord.

Aldric has spent many years on a separate plane in meditation. In this godly realm, time does not pass, and he did not age. When Kord’s demigod Bron has a job, he sends Aldric back into the world. Whether it takes weeks, months, or years, the devout assassin performs his task in an efficient manner. He isn’t hurried; instead he waits for the right opportunity to arise.

Over the years, Aldric has played many roles. He has acted as a noble, a farmer, and a slave. He takes on whatever life gives him the best access to his target, and as soon as the hit has been made, he finds his way to a temple with a high priest to return to Kord’s realm once more.

Bron has requested Aldric’s services once again, and this time he has been sent to Mank to carry out an order. Unlike his previous assignments, he isn’t acting alone. His orders are also a bit more vague, and a bit more complicated…

He’s feeling uneasy and annoyed that he’s stuck with incompetent adventurers.

. Aldric Brandt - [Ryan]

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