The Holy Book of Kord

Kord, God of Battle, says that only through battle can peace be achieved. His greatest enemies are the meek, the tyrannical, and the majority of the Midwest. To follow Kord, one must strive to live by his philosophies, which he carved in sand just to be different. (Then struck the sand with lightning, making the philosophies GLASS. Then he turned the glass to unbreakable metal because he’s a MF-ing God and he can.

Anyway, forgive your drunken scribe. Here is a most faithful reproduction of those metal philosophies (unless I skipped any).

The Philosophies of Kord:

Philosophy One: The meek live in a prison of their own making. He who will not fight for what he wants is condemned to live without it. They receive no sympathy from their god.
Philosophy Two: The only true power is the power of persuasion. The being who rules over subjects who cannot rebel, the being who will not meet his opposition in battle, is a tyrant with tricks in place of power and must be defeated at all costs.
Philosophy Three: In an ideal society, war is unnecessary. Battles are personal, direct, and holy. Wars are overgrown complications, breeders of tyrants, rapers of all the good things in society…kind of like their god, Bane. Battle good, war bad.

Demi-Gods of Kordianity:

Grim – Demigoddess of the Gauntlet
Bron – Demigod of Bloodshed
Dylla – Demigoddess of Death
Ollip – Demigoddess of the Olive Branch
Hallen – Demigod of Healing

The Holy Book of Kord

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