Kordian Battle Creed

Throw the Gauntlet

Where there is conflict between two citizens, battle is the only godly way to solve the conflict should one citizen not concede to the other. Call on Grim, Demigoddess of the Gauntlet to bless the call to arms.

Shed Blood

Where there is battle, there must be blood. Call on Bron, Demigod of Bloodshed to bless your blade that it might shed blood in his holy name.

Noble Death

Where there is battle, there must be death. A conflict that is not worth dying for is not worth fighting for. A smart creature enters the battlefield seeking her foe’s death, and praises the Demigoddess Dylla that she bring it.

Extend an Olive Branch

After battle, there must be resolution or unholy war may rise from grudging feelings. Praise Ollip, Demigoddess of the Olive Branch for a fair and just resolution.


Wounds that do not heal will fester and corrupt. Praise Hallen, Demigod of Healing that he tend to your wounded.

Kordian Battle Creed

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