Bear Force One, Friends, and Foes

Current Player Characters:

Aldric Brandt – (Played by: Ryan) – Rules Lawyer

Hal Jordan – (Played by: Ben) – Psionic Tweeter

Lachdanan Dorsey – (Played by: Aaron) – Map Keeper

Lane Fenwood – (Played by: Tristan) – Chronicler

Zora Anka – (Played by: Beka) – Group Leader

Interesting NPCs along the way:

Have you encountered someone you would like to remember? Add them here. Your record might come in handy.

PCs On Hiatus

Cliff Oasi – (Played by: Scott) : Currently imprisoned in a priestess’s dungeon for heresy.

Zelda von Hammersmark – (Played by: Chelsea) : Swept away by magic dust.

Dead. D-e-d.

None…so far.

Bear Force One, Friends, and Foes

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