. Zora Anka - [Beka]

SAUCIEST of gnomes


Zora’s official character sheet PDF can be viewed here.


Zora Anka is an incredibly saucy gnome. Her saucy nature sometimes gets her into trouble— she often opens her big mouth and accepts challenges she may not be ready for. An arrogant gnome told her she couldn’t make it through the Dungeon of Terror by herself. He was probably right, but Zora wasn’t going to let him know that. So, into the Dungeon of Terror!

The dungeon was indeed full terrors. There were clowns, spiders, and piles of clogue hiding all kinds of unimaginable horrors. The place was just awful. She was about a third of the way through when she heard what could only be described as a growl-hoot. Zora proceeded with caution. She turned the corner and found an owlbear stuck in a trap. Apparently he didn’t spot the pressure plate before it trapped him. Poor thing was hurt, alone, and looked kind of hungry.

Zora had a background in fae beast taming, but she had never encountered a fae beast so big or intimidating. It had mostly been fairy squirrels and the like up till now. Despite her fear, she gave the owlbear a poptart from her pack and freed him while he was distracted. Once he was freed she grimaced and waited for a blow. It never came. The owlbear continued munching his poptart. Huh, guess she’d tamed a fae beast.

The owlbear followed along behind her as she made her way through the Dungeon of Terror. She was a little apprehensive about being followed by an owlbear, but her fears disappeared when the owlbear saved her from a really terrifying terror in the dungeon. Zora and Hoots McGee have been inseparable ever since.

Hoots and Zora always have each others’ backs, but Hoots is still a little wild. He doesn’t always understand diplomacy, and he will try to attack if he feels his or Zora’s safety is threatened. Their fierce loyalty to one another makes them a strong pair, but it can be detrimental to a group situation. Hoots and Zora will always protect one another first, regardless of the consequences for the group.

They spend their time adventuring, drinking, and travelling Trollop and the surrounding lands.

. Zora Anka - [Beka]

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