. Hal Jordan - [Ben]

Dweeby, annoying guy with amazing abilities


Hal’s official character sheet PDF can be viewed here.


Coming from humble beginnings, Halitosis Jordan (Hal) never really connected with his family. He had a fairly normal childhood, though, and could often be found wandering the village and the outskirts playing with rocks. He would often take his favorite rocks home and leave them randomly on the floor for his parents to step on. They would scream and tell him to pick up his toys or they would throw him out. One day it came to that. When Hal was 12, after his mother stepped on a particularly jagged little rock, his mother decided to sell him off to an Eladrin from Seraphina. As he walked away in dismay, his mother called out, “I wish nothing but the best for you both!”

Hal didn’t really mind working for the Eladrin, Piedro. He was nice, fed him well, and kept him in luxurious quarters in the woodland city. After a couple years of dedicated service, Piedro began to pay Hal for his services. Hal was fairly content with this as he escaped the pauperism of Mank and was given this new life of ease. He wasn’t really that close to his family and didn’t really have anyone meaningful in Mank so he didn’t really see the need to go back; he continued to remain a loaner in Seraphina. While no one begrudged him his humanity, no one really accepted it either; he was not fey and it was apparent.

While strolling through the woods one day in the merry, merry month of May, he was taken by surprise by a pair of glowing eyes and was scratched and felt funny right away.

He didn’t know what happened to him right away, but the scratch was on his cheek and left a funny scar that didn’t seem to heal correctly. He had Piedro look into it and they could not figure it out. They let it run its course and it didn’t seem to effect his every day functioning so they assumed it was a little post-trauma reaction.

Piedro sent Hal on an errand to take a parcel to a colleague of his, Borsk, who was an astronomer who lived high in the trees above the village. Piedro took the parcel to him and was just finishing the cup of tea Borsk had offered him when he heard his name being called out. He thanked Borsk and opened the front door to see who needed him. Piedro was down below beckoning to him. Hal began to make his way down and as he did, he lost his footing on a loose board and toppled over the flimsy rope railing. As he fell, a strange feeling very different from his scar came over him. It felt as if his mind was expanding, reaching out in every direction, but to what end, he could not tell. Flailing all the way down, he landed on his side, but he didn’t seem to actually land. He hit something hard, but it wasn’t the ground, and he didn’t know how he was still alive. He gained enough composure to look up at Peidro, who was staring at him funny, before he passed out from the pain in his shoulder and side.

When he came to, his torso was in pain, but encased in a cast. He was lying on his back in Piedro’s house, he could tell, but had no memory of his journey there. He called out as best he could with the pain surrounding his ribs and Piedro came running to his side.

After a brief exchange of questions and answers concerning how he was doing, Piedor asked him if he knew what had happened. Hal knew he had fallen, but did not know what had happened after or how he had survived with mainly bruises. Piedro explained that he never actually hit the ground. He stopped just before the ground and seemingly just slumped 6 inches to the ground after looking up at Piedro. Piedro also told him that while he was passed out, things seemed to move about the house on their own. Hal considered this. He had always fantasized about being able to move things without touching them, but never thought it could actually happen. He believed Piedro too, because his eyes showed a hint of fear that Hal had never seen before. Hal asked him to give him some time to rest because he was feeling tired again and also asked that he document as best he could the things that moved and when.

several years later***

Hal had worked with Piedro to hone his psychic abilities and found that he could communicate through thought with Piedro and could move things about without touching him. Piedro, while at first hesitant of Hal’s newfound abilities, now appreciated his abilities because Hal used them to assist him and Piedro could use a fifth hand every now and then in his alchemical work. His new abilities also led him to be accepted further by the population of Seraphina. While he was not fey, he did possess many powers that were similar to some of the fey powers. He had a few friends now that Piedro would allow him to go out with as long as his work was done.

They would often go through the forest and chart trails for their own exploration purposes. Every so often, they would encounter a creature or animal that would be hostile towards them and if Hal could not pacify them telepathically, he would assist his friends in the capture or defeat of it. Life went on and Hal became more well known in the city for more positive reasons, not just for being the only human.

While out walking a trail that he and his friends had gone over months back, Hal was randomly attacked by a large bear. Before he could try and access the creatures mind to pacify it, the bear had him pinned down on the ground. Hal screamed and sent out psychic vibes for help, hoping someone would answer and knowing that no one would make it to him in time before this bear ate him. Without thinking, Hal through his fist up, aiming to punch the bear in the face. He clocked the bear right in the nose and it staggered up, leaving Hal to stare blankly at his arm and hand. Was he high on glue or did it look like a bear’s? The bear was coming at him fast now, angrier than before and Hal had no time to realize what was happening. He suddenly found certain senses heightened and he was actually doing a damn good job of fending off this bear. As he and the bear swung at each other, he caught a glance of Piedro and some of the city residents running down the trail, weapons drawn, aiming at both him and the bear. With a powerful blow, Hal knocked the bear back and looked directly at Piedro. Using his psychic abilities, he spoke to Piedro telling him he didn’t know what was going one, but please do not shoot him. He will not hurt them after the other bear is defeated.

Piedro looked at him funny, but seemed to understand something and Hal heard him tell the other people to attack the other bear. Together, Hal and the villagers smote the other bear and Hal calmed down and sat down as bears do, fulfilling his promise to Piedro that he would not attack them. Piedro began to approach him and the other villagers raised their weapons screaming at him to stop. Piedro told them it was all right and approached Hal and said his name. Hal, now completely calm and realizing the adrenaline in his system was abating, wondered if he could voluntarily transform himself, similar to how he controlled his psionic abilities, and before the very eyes of several villagers of Seraphina, Hal transformed from bear to human again. Hal’s slight fame in Seraphina skyrocketed to legend that day…

. Hal Jordan - [Ben]

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