Demigoddess of the Gauntlet


In Grim’s corporeal form, some say she appears as an eladrin, though the eladrin tend to think she looks human. Her favor is difficult to determine when she bestows it, for she often appears to both armies, bent whispering over the gauntlet. Some claim they hear the words of a distant song when her lips move.


Grim is the most recent of Kord’s demigods, raised to her place only forty five years ago when Gerrad of the Gauntlet was banished from the heavenly realm for dalliances unknown. There was talk of a dual for the vacant position, but some say Grim’s opponent was named Trudy and if there is one thing Kord is fond of, it’s alliteration. So that settled that.

Soon after Grim’s ascension, she became a darling of the battlefield. Perhaps it was the newness—something rare in any religion—but there was an era of obvious preference where Grim’s icon drew more candles from worshipers entering battle than any other. That era has come to an end.

Recently, accounts of Grim have shifted. Some say her song was only ever in the heads of giddy soldiers. Now her blessing is silent. But more, some claim she gives obvious preference to one side over the other—an offense that draws the very question of lawful battle into question. Though it is blasphemous, some have begun to curse Grim for her interested nature, preferring a time where creatures were solely in charge of their own fate (if such a time ever existed).


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