Discord in Kordenia

The Opening Feast

Bear Force One came to Queen Meglathorn of Mank’s castle. The queen gave the adventurers a quest to locate the legendary Golden Gauntlet in order to challenge and defeat the being responsible for loosing a wave of vicious beasts on Kordenia.

Because Kordenia is a lawful and religious land, the queen suggested the adventurers seek information from holy citizens as they travel. (Or she meant to. >.>) The party had a scuffle with werebeasts shortly after they hit the road, but came out triumphant. Following the man and woman who set the beasts on them, they entered a village called Lage.

In Lage, the party watched the villagers flee at the sight of a red flag. They discovered from a villager that red flags mean vicious creatures nearby—in this case, wolves. The villager told them that Lord Rayne’s castle to the east was attacked and entirely overrun in one wave of attacks.

The party moved on to the bar to talk to the barkeep, who fed them and sold them drinks. Meanwhile, Aldric hopped from roof to roof to check out the place. He found nothing major out of sorts, but did manage to stay hidden. The party felt that the barkeep wasn’t entirely forthcoming, so they went to the priestess to see what they could learn there. She took their confessions, and had just begun to answer to the group when screams outside drew their attention away. Ding, dong, rats. Battle number two is on.



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