Discord in Kordenia

The Fountain and the Lake

Bear Force One discovered a secret door in the Kordian temple that led them to the secret courtyard. There they found the fountain of clensing, but it was not functioning. Before the fountain stood two goblets of different sizes and a wooden bowl accompanied by an encrypted inscription. While most of the companions tried to determine the origin of the mysterious letters, Lachdanon unscrambled the letters and quickly solved (owned!) the puzzle. The fountain sprang to life and Lachdanon and Hoots McGee were cured! Aldric wisely filled his waterskin with the healing water.

The companions discussed plans to explore the river, but an enchanted door in the courtyard distracted them. To prove himself to Aldric, Lane approached the door and opened it, encountering debilitating cold and a pack of vampires. The vamps attacked, but the REAL danger turned out to be a couple of rose bushes stationed near the entrance. Luckily, these baddies were slain with little sacrifice.

Beyond the columned hall, they found a room containing an operating table, some silver operating tools, and numerous jars of bones and other body parts. It seemed that someone had been performing operations on lycanthropes, possibly at the behest of Lord Rayne (who was a warewolf himself). Upon discovering an arena suspended above the lake, this theory was corroborated as Hal received a tweet from a spirit. The tweet explained that in this arena, the priests would engage in mortal combat with lycanthropes, and then perform experiments on them in search of a cure for lycanthropy.

Returning to the temple, Aldric drinks the potion of water walking and sets out across the lake to uncover its secrets. He finds a cave and the others join him by floating disc. In the cave they fight some kobolds and some orcs. Aldric disappears for a few minutes at the end of the battle, and after the orcs are defeated, the party finds an alter with an empty pillow. Something is missing!!



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