Discord in Kordenia

Bear Force One found themselves in a skeezy sex chamber. Though they longed to stay and play, they left to find themselves in a dungeon. Kinky.

In the dungeon they met Lane Fenwood, a wandering eladrin bard of some repute. He was imprisoned by Lord Rayne after accidentally performing an offending ballad (the rains of castormere). Needless to say, the company and Lane got along swimmingly, except for Aldric’s harsh judgement and mistrust, that is. With their new companion beside them, they set out to infiltrate the mysterious walled-in courtyard in the Lord’s manor, hoping that it would contain the fountain of healing.

Lane suddenly recalled the flesh eating bats that terrorized him and the other prisoners every night. Yeah, watch out for those buggers.

A secret door in the dungeon led to a temple of Kord, where some blue kobalds were cavorting. Cooley announcing her presence, Zora engaged the kobalds in deadly combat. The heroes trounced the kobalds, but two of them escaped, jumping into a nearby lake. After searching the temple, they found an ornate Kordian text which, upon inspection, turned out to be Lord Rayne’s family bible. Scribbled notes in the margins… Something about gauntlets…

For the sake of thoroughness, Aldric investigated a door on the second level. He cautiously entered the pitch black room only to discover that it was in fact the priest’s confessional… FULL OF DILDOS!! Terrified, Aldric retreated and left the other confessionals un-explored.



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