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The holy land of Kord, God of Battle, is home to sixteen natural races living in lawful harmony across six kingdoms. With a god’s express favor, the land sees few troubles its citizens cannot handle. Conflicts are frequent, but easily resolved according to the Kordian Battle Creed.

Half a century ago, a great portal opened in the sky over Kordenia. A windstorm stronger than anything the world had ever seen ripped beings of all sorts from their homeland and flung them into the sky. Others rained down on the land, and their stories would eventually confirm that a similar storm had come to their lands, that they had been the unlucky ones ripped from their homes to come to this unfamiliar world.

No sign of any such portal has been seen since. Most of the Displaced have given up looking for a way home and have integrated themselves into the society of Kordenia. Those who lost family or friends to the storm have largely moved on as well, assured by the Kordian priests that if their loved ones live, they are beyond reach now.

Though Kordenia’s denizens know little of what caused the storm fifty years ago, they have noticed a rise in the presence of unpleasant new beasts on their homeland. Some fear the land has offended Kord, and religious practices have grown stricter as a result. Others suspect the beasts came through the portal during the storm. Adventuring parties form across the kingdoms to battle the new threats. Many see this as a holy calling, a chance for glory and riches.

Despite the efforts of the kingdoms, the beastial presence has grown exponentially more severe in the last several years. The monarchs grow nervous as generally by-the-book conflicts amongst the nobility escalate. Rather than resolving conflict, battles leave one side desolate and the other bloodthirsty. If it continues, an all-out war will be inevitable.

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